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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 14, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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san rafael tied records for this date. oakland set new record highs for the date. it's been a hot day but things about to change. taking a look at winds they're beginning to shift. there is a cooling breeze going to drop temperatures along the coastline. some relieve a little later >> with temperatures like this keeping cool is a challenge. especially if you have no choice but to be out in the heat. nick smith is live at walnut creek today. nick? >> it's kissed 100, just like that. almost a kiss. i was speaking to some earlier they say we're staying hydrateed and love it when it's like this.
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gefs us a chance to swim, stay cool and have fun. >> hot weather brings people in. people bring in money. >> weather laps or a little bit of both with temperatures like these, being in the water can seem like the only place to make sense. and according to the director, the pool has seen attendance to date spike by 14%. >> we just hope this weather, this hot weather stays with us for as long as it can. >> it's been hot. on and off the field. fans today could feel temperatures climb while the team try tz owe keep their hot streak going. no matter where you stand, finding relief wasn't easy but they're not complaining. >> i did sneak in a water.
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>> i love this place. i kiss the concrete for you, if you want. >> fans knew it would be a hot one. they were ready. some slathered sun screen. >> hat, a lot of water. take break asks come back to my seat. >> temperatures fell just shy of the triple digits. crews kept water within reach, and at the gardens, finding a shady shot spot was like a hunt for hidden treasure. just ask him. this guy had enough. hey, you? with the camera? got water? in walnut creek, nick smith abc7 news >> just hanging out. around the bay area, cities turning buildings into cooling centers to help people stay out of the heat. one favorite spot near air conditioning vents other cities turned libraries and city hall cafeterias into cooling centers
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we'll have a list of cooling centers throughout the bay area on abc7 >> some people seeking relief from heat were confronted by a threat from the city today. signs like this warning drivers cars would be towed because the lot is a staging area. many decided to park and enjoy the sunny way. >> weren't sure what to think. except when there is a marathon. >> it's hot. we just said fingers cross. go for it. >> a spokesperson for the tept of parking and traffic warns cars will be towed. and conditions on the beach are a bit tricky, lifeguards warn people about dangers from strong rip currents >> in southern california hot weather, dry winds fuelling eight wildfires these are the live pictures of
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the new wildfires threatening homes between lake side on the east side of san diego. there are evacuations near san marcos. the school is having final exams this week, with graduations this weekend. >> we're also following developments on another major fire burning not far away and in san diego county. this in the city of carls batted, california destroying 30 homes, one, you can see here. it's also forced evacuation of legoland, a popular theme park in the area the carlsbad fire is at least five burning in san diego county. the carlsbad is about 30 miles north of downtown san diego. reporter rob mcmillan is on the scene for us right now. rob? >> people are calling it a fire storm because many fires are
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burning here in san diego county the most damaging so far this one here in carlsbad. you can see two hoaxes were destroyed and a commercial building just went up in flames 15 minutes ago. here are some aerials shot an hour after the fire started this morninged, starting near the intersection of poinsettia lane so not too far from pacific ocean. we've had gusty winds, contributing to the spread of the fire. now, the city issued evacuation notices to 15,000 residents many did leave because some of the neighborhoods are goift towns now. it's tough to tell how many homes were destroyed here, we're told more than 20 homes were damaged, we've counted a handful that are wiped out and spoke
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with people that came back to look at the damage. >> my mom woke me up so i ran outside we looked up and it's just a huge cloud of smoke. man. you can see the flames from the hill. >> it's devastating. >> what is the weather like? >> it was windy. cross waves changing. >> good friends of ours live here. i told them to come to our house, so they came over, we're watching their neighbor's house burning down on the news. and we're at my house going we have to do something. >> and you're looking live at a commercial structure that just went up in flames. one firefighter said it looks like that building is going to be a complete loss. so you can add that to the homes
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that are destroyed. there is noernl one near san marcos then, way off into the distance there, there is another fire that broke out near fallbrook that forced complete closure of the 15 freeway a lot of problems here in san diego county. the officials here in the area have called for a state of emergency so far, couple dozen homes damaged and several more, threatened. >> rob, thank you. later tonight how cal fire trains it's people to fight fires in extreme heat. >> happening now, the warriors have a new head coach. he has accepted a five-year, $25 million offer to coach the
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warriors. his agent just confirmed it. the owner quoted as saying kerr is prepared for the job. kerr never coached but considered a hot commodity by a number of teams, appearing to be close to signing with new york knicks but knicks were not able to close the deal. so this time it looks like it paid off. they've landed their man. larry beil will have more coming up in sports. >> what happens if a casino is caught cheating? you may soon find out the state attorney general accused casino mate terrorism of siphoning products in order to avoid paying taxes. it's just off highway 101 and accord together attorney general, tens of millions could have been diverted. david? >> when it first opened, the
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casino boasts they pay $8 million in taxes now, they've been accused of what some people would call a poker-faced lie. owners of casino mate terrorism have been accused of hiding over $60 million in profits. if accusations are true, that would make san jose a victim. they pay a percentage of the profits for the city. enough to pay wages for owe police officer buzz could be owed more. another victim paid a percentage of profits how did the city miss what the attorney general discovered? >> these guys are professionals at hiding money. there is a shell game involved here. and we have seen scam after scam across the country in which investors and regulators have
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not been able to chase the money. >> they've been accused of funneling $14 million into one company, and $14 million into a third company each with dies with one, or both owners this is eric swallow. he and his representatives did not return our calls today, nor did police which were told as responsible for enforcement the state gambling license for the owners is up for renew yool in two weeks and council members have been considering a proposal. >> we've got a council going around our regulators and staff. around the chief of police. to enable them to operate with less scrutiny. it's a concern to me.
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>> still to come, reopening of a san francisco landmark. two women whose images have been restored inside coit tower. >> an investigation finds recalled tires still for sale. i'm michael finney the story ahead. >> later tonight imagine getting around the bay area like this. a big announcement from people that make this airplane.
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>> nigeria's president making it clear a prisoner swap in exchange for kidnapped school girls is off the table according to britain's top government official the outcry over the kidnapping continues to intensify. for students attending cal called for release of the kidnapped school girls in their country. >> i'm just hoping our voices will be heard. >> the school girls taken by a group known as bokaheron. they oppose any kind of western education for girls. >> right now, i just finished an exam. just imagining someone taking me because i am securing an exam because trying to get an education. >> the association had support
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of others on campus. reagan is from haiti. >> for my future. one day i will have children. maybe one day, girls. >> the u.s. has deployed drones to assist in the search. the nigerian government says it's now willing to talk to boeka haram but the group says it will release the girls in exchange for prisoners >> we want to react based on what we know >> my goal is to be able to bring it back to i can be able to inflict change on situations like this. >> many students here is abc7 news reporter
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care yes lynn tyler. >> they cut ribbon today to reopen coit tower. this landmark originally opened in 1933. a gift to san francisco and it's firefighters from socialite lilly hitchcock coit. for million dollar views but the most spectacular face lift is this worning to restore the luster on the two dozen murals >> when we're able to diminish the plaster, your eye pulls it together. >> there have been many times when the old building was threatened and murals were threatened. >> ruth is the girl in the sailor suit in this fresco. the 91-year-old credits san
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francisco voter as proving a measure two years ago requiring the city to dedicate more money for the upkeep. >> we put together coit tower as a special member of the city. >> we're looking at it, near. >> lastly depicted in this mural >> i used to come with him and run around and watch artists working here. >> the makeover was about 250,000 of the tower makeover. >> these are landmarks in the city. they mean something to generations of people. >> now, maybe the murals will capture as much attention as the $7 elevator ride. in san tran, abc7 news. >> terrific. >> yes. >> let's focus on weather
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unusually hot today. >> changes coming up. >> yes. changes have begun. there is a bit of a sea breeze developing the coast going to cool down, then, the rest of us. >> right. >> there is a look, it's sunny, warm still in locations and we have this area of cooling fog just over 100 miles west of the golden gate that is going to bring cooling tomorrow, beach hazard statement in effect through tomorrow, mainly for our south-facing beaches, long period of swells, and rip currents, large shore breaks so bear that in mind. here is a view of part of the coastline looking at ocean beach from mount tam, sunny skies, it's 82 in san francisco now. 86 in oakland. 88 san jose. 92 morgan hill. 73 in half moon bay. from our camera, looking across the bay west, you'll see
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still 90 in santa rosa. hot inland and blue western sky. looking from our south beach camera here, heat advisory expires tonight. just under two hours. coastal cooling beginning tomorrow. that ridge peaked. now, a cooler weekend but will be gradual cool down inland tomorrow. and it will be assisted by sea breeze. winds light and variable. by mid to late afternoon, a brisk flow sea breeze. winds will be at or above 15 miles per hour. inland by the end of the week.
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once again, clear skies, low temperatures will be into upper 50s to low 60s we'll have highs in the south bay reaching into 90s again. still going to be hot and on parts of the peninsula in locations from redwood city. 79 will be the high tomorrow, it will sizzle in some spots. up to 94 in calistoga, east bay highs, 85 in oakland, # eight fremont. we'll see mainly low to mid-90s once again. 93 from walnut creek. cooling continues through friday. all areas cooler everywhere by saturday and sunday from sunday
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through next tuesday, we'll see inland highs into 70s. we haven't seen that range for quite a while. >> will be refreshing. >> yes. >> sky 7 hd has breaking news two. people are stuck on a cliff at fort bunston. >> that is near ocean they appear to be stranded and scared. >> we understand they're young people. but as you can tell, firefighters are repelling down to these two people. they're not hurt. just scared. >> shortly, this firefighter will be helping them back up the cliff. that is not a place you want to be trapped, ever. >> good news is that they're okay we'll follow it and keep you updated on our twitter feed.
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>> well, just ahead a school being rebuilt. there is growing opposition tonight to a name change. >> how many people turned out today for a chance to save the life of a 7-year-old boy. we'll be right back here. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this.
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in fort funston. they're not hurt. >> we did get word around 5:45 this was under way so at this point the firefighter has, as you can see, repelled down the cliff. and is securing the individuals. >> west contra costa unified school board expected to get an earful over a proposal to change the name of a richmond school. the school is housed in portable buildings and being built for blocks away while campus is being constructed long time residents say the name is part of history. board members say there is a hist when i it comes to name changes >> there is a history of
6:26 pm
honoring people and renaming schools that had geographic names to honor individuals. >> during world war ii he was arrested and convicted. that was overturned and >> there is a major effort to get more americans signed up as potential donors. potential donors provided a cheek swab. since he's half japanese, finding a match has been difficult. >> only 7% of those registered are asian. and fewer are of mixed race, like baylor, there is another drive taking place on saturday
6:27 pm
from 11:00 to 4:00 at larkin and mcallister in san francisco. >> coming up next are you driving on recalled towers? the discovery made by michael finney >> hot weather fire drill how cal fire trains people to fight fires in heat. >> we're watching the thermometer for you tonight a live picture, 96
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back now live to fort funston. two folks are on the beach now. you can see they're doing just fine. helped down by a firefighter here from the cliff side. >> that is great. >> serious questions about the ability get recalled tires off the road. >> seven on your side has been conducting a joint investigation. >> you know we first brought
6:31 pm
attention back in 2008. and unfortunately consumer safety advocates say little progress has been made to getting these off the road one family claims the age of the tire caused them a lifetime of heartache. this is all that is left of a 2001 chevy blazer that had been driven by 20-year-old brianna. investigators say she was driving southbound near stockton in 2011. the thread of the tire separated from the vehicle. the blazer flipped twice. she'd just bought the used car eight months earlier with approximately 93,000 miles on it. she suffered a serious spinal injury. her passenger and boyfriend of two years, 20-year-old jesse
6:32 pm
gonzales died. >> as parents we expect to go before our kids he wasn't supposed to die. >> jesse's mom represented by an attorney who says the industry needs to do a better job. the chp determined the tire blue the car was so years old the association says majority should be replaced in sets of twos or 4s but in cases a single tire is okay. >> and when these tires are carrying people, children, friends, family they need to be inspected. >> chp says the tread separates separation may have contributed to the precollision events,
6:33 pm
including the vehicle leaving the roadway. saying minard was the cause due to unsafe turning movement after the tire tread separated. general motors is chevolet's parent company and began recommending tires should be replaced after six years. regardless of tread wear. there is no easy way for brianna or any motorist to determine the age of a tire. i need to look for the dot number. it's here on the sidewalk. starts with dot. then a string of letters and numbers. this is 3113 so this was manufactured in the 31 week of 2013. gets the job done. it's more complicated than the
6:34 pm
date on this milk carton. one firm investigates safety matters and says the method used to keep track of the eighth is outdated. and says it's harder to figure out whether you have a tire that is recalled. >> you can say it's still broken. >> we found three tires recalled last year still on sale in a costco in south san francisco we took video then purchased all three tires to get them off the shelves. they fear there could have experienced a loss of pregs. in a statement told us if a tire is recalled dealer will replace
6:35 pm
it at no charge to the consumer. by phone, said this should not have happened but believes it's helped them to improve procedures. national transportation safety board acknowledges not all tires recalled are taken off the road. >> it's 20% or lower. >> in february, investigators say the tread separated from a recalled tire. two people were killed this is one of three accidents to open an investigation into recalled and aging tires. >> it's significant issue. that is why we're looking at it. >> rubber manufacturer
6:36 pm
acknowledges the system could be improved but questions whether an investigation is warranted. a spokesperson talked to brian ross >> our station to go out to buy recalled tires. doesn't that suggest the system has broken down? >> it needs to be improved. >> national transportation safety board will be looking into the aging of the tires and possible link to injuries and fatalities around the roadways we found this tire in redwood city the company said there are no rules or guidelines that would suggest selling a new tire that is seven years old from date of manufacture is a safety concern. we found used tires manufactured in 1999 and 2003 in san jess
6:37 pm
yeah a manager could not be reached for comment but the rubber manufacturer association says age on a tire doesn't matter. a tire service life is dependant on how it's stored. >> that opinion angers rosa aguilar. >> there is no excuse >> her attorney filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful death and failure to warn among those sued were used car dealer who sold the car, gm, and mish lynx the parent company of uni royal tires both gm and mitch lynn claim injury or damages were caused bit plaintiff, and other companies. the investigation is being occurring in a number of years,
6:38 pm
we'll continue to follow this and update you on developments i have information about this recall, click on sections tab on the home page in order to move forward. >> coming up a small plane the big announcement from the people
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>> if you've dreamed of having your own airplane you'll want to see this next story. >> a small company is doing big things in one community. how would you like to have one of these? $180,000, part boat, all airplane and folds up. allows it to have small footprints, and stored in the garage. >> all departments moving to vacaville. >> you see in this factory near
6:42 pm
vacaville he plans to reimagine the airplane. >> great engineering. you make an appeal. >> just listen to how they're talking about it. >> talk about cute. . >> i just want to hug it. don't you? don't you want to come over and run your hand over it? say... daddy, buy one? >> from your idea so popular, icon says it sold out preorders but the reason is that they're creating jobs. >> this is good playing jobs >> jim frasier helps get tax incentives. >> there is a supply train going beyond this.
6:43 pm
all of the pieces of the plane made throughout the united states. this this is made in america. >> a lot of people dreamed of flying their whole life they love to play. >> people can train for the license. abc7 news. >> i'll take you up. >> not sure about that. yes. >> we're going to show how cal fire trains people to fight fires in heat >> a timely lesson tonight for
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more evacuations have just been ordered in san diego county. eight wildfires are burning now. 1500 people have been instructed to leave their homes and businesses because of this fire. that is 1300 people. another 15,000 have been
6:47 pm
evacuated in carlsbad. wayne freedman shows us from napa county. >> maybe you've heard california expects this to be one of the busiest fire seasons ever. here are number that's may frighten you. >> they're at 90% of what average year we'd see for this time in bay >> bay ten, that is 1350 wildfires we'd have seen 700. all the more reason to put crews through a round of training. on a day with projected 97 degree heat. >> it's warm today it's warm. >> yes. >> above average. >> if you think it's hot, imagine being these guys. what they have to wear. this just one piece of gear. >> how hot does it get?
6:48 pm
>> i don't know. i'm not sure. >> you'll lose a quart of water per hour. >> how do they function in the weather? what is their secret? it's common sense. >> i don't wait until it's too late >> they drink water. gallons of it. take out a cold one, put in a warm one. >> that is probably the number one thing that will take you down. >> it's a good tip. whether fighting a fire or trying to get through a hot day. >> and it is hot out there today. >> please stay hydrated. it's warm under sunny skies right now. cooling is on the way. record highs for the date
6:49 pm
mid-90s. 102 in gilroy today another day in a row of highs in san francisco for this date. 99 in los angeles. we'll see cooling tomorrow at the coastline. highs reaching into mid-70s we'll see upper 80s to 90. low to mid-90s across the board. here is the accu-weather forecast. all areas cooler friday. further cooling throughout the weekend. high temperatures inland and around the bay into big news from warriors tonight >> a little bit of a surprise, warriors turns out they get their hahn after all. taking over as golden state warriors new leader.
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>> good evening, warriors talked kerr out of going to the knicks. kerr will be golden state's new head coach. kerr is a five-time nba champion. and gm in phoenix. warriors close on a five year deal to land kerr who lives in san diego, one of the best shooters in nba history. so as a long time friend of the warriors he should be a good fit in the organization. braved used to playing in a stadium nicknamed launching pad.
6:54 pm
got knocked around early. forcing braves, bottom of the first. giants up 3-2. going five innings and four runs, struck out five. and in sixth, that is his of the year. a's took a six-game winning streak. and socks manager watched his team strike inlntly. first pitch of the game. bottom of the first, anything
6:55 pm
you can do, i can do better. he leads off with a bomb. 21, athletics. did he blast that pitch. it's a four-# game. he was robbed to end end it. and another season of disappointment. the sharks decided to bring back general manager for another season. team owner saying despite another short playoff run, he supports doug wilson, and his recommendation. u.s. men's national soccer team invited 30 players to participate at the world cup camp.
6:56 pm
earthquakes have two players vying for a spot on the team travelling to brazil. the final 23 man roster needs to be decided by june 2nd. >> once i make 23 i'll want to try to make impact. and whether starting i want to continue to get better. >> i want to be a part of that to represent our country. >> good stuff. >> okay. >> thank you. >> join me tonight water out of the ground could make us more prone to earthquake >> battling alcoholism. how a star was able to get his addiction under control by
6:57 pm
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's semi-finalists -- in 2013, he won both the teachers tournament and the tournament of champions. from chicago, illinois, it's... she won the 2000 college championship and is now a graduate student at princeton university. here's... and in 2011, he won the tournament of champions. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much for tuning us in today. i'd like to start this, uh, third semi-final match
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